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Garden Dreams

February 20, 2011

I was reading the local Master Gardener’s column yesterday. He was saying it’s the time of year for avid gardeners to cozy up to a stack of seeds catalogs and pick out the new varieties they went to try. I’ve done just that and have picked out a few things, at least in my head. I’m not a big carrot raiser but the new multicolor blend looks attractive. Never knew carrots came in white, yellow, orange, red and purple. Last year I planted herbs in pots. The article mentioned planting several varieties of basil, and the enjoyment of eating basil salads. I would like to ask, does the entire salad consist of basil? That would be quite a treat. I’ve looked at fruit trees: butternut, a northern apple, a sweet cherry. For decoration, the primrose lilac. And to grow indoors, mini trees in pots: pineapple, figs, olives, key limes, coffee. I have also spied in a Jung’s catalog the show lady slipper. New methods of propagation have brought this rare MN orchid into the market but at $30 per plant I’ll wait until the price goes down.

I love to make summer salads

September 2, 2009

greensproteinvegMy garden starts producing greens at about the time that the farmers’ market is in full swing and the stores have an abundance of produce. I make these salads during the winter months, too, but with purchased ingredients from the grocery store. However, there’s something special about growing and harvesting your own, or chatting with neighbors at the market while picking up their specialty and adding a little something to the local economy. I also like to share with relatives, who are extremely generous with me. I wish I were a better gardener so I could give more back. This bowl of greens includes nasturtium blossoms. Other possible green ingredients include arugula, celery, zucchini, cucumbers, bell peppers, and whatever I can find. Protein foods here include cubed sharp cheddar cheese, sliced hardboiled eggs, ground peanuts and sesame seeds (which combine to make a complete protein). New grape tomatoes are sweet and black olives add a salty tang. I make a dressing from olive oil and red wine or balsamic vinegar.