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booze in my house

December 21, 2009

I’m not a social drinker. I don’t like the taste of alcohol and I don’t like the way it makes me feel. And since my peers didn’t seem to care much for me when I was young, I never got into the habit of knuckling under to peer pressure.

I do, however, have sherry in my house. I make delicious spiked trifles. I have a bottle of brandy because I intended to make a variety of Southwest cookies, which I never got around to doing.

I love rum balls, for which I need rum. I’ve misplaced the recipe but I think the other ingredients are ground nuts, crumbled up wafer-type cookies, rum, corn syrup, chocolate powder, and powdered sugar. You let the batter stand a while and then roll it into ball shapes, which are dipped in powdered sugar or coconut or whatever you like.

I guess I have to admit these taste just a little like old fashioned Watkins cough syrup.

fruit soup

January 22, 2009

Norwegian fruktsuppe, or sotsuppe, joined rommegrot (cream mush) as a food carried to new mothers by the women of the community. The custom known as sengemat (bed food) dates back to the Viking age and was continued well into the twentieth century among immigrants in the New World.

To make sweet soup, add the following ingredients to a double boiler: one and one half quarts water, a small can of grape juice, one cup mixed dried fruit, one cup prunes, one half cup raisins, one sliced lemon, two sliced oranges, two chopped apples, a half cup sugar, two tablespoons sago or pearl sized tapioca, and a stick of cinnamon. Cook covered until the sago is clear, adding more water as necessary.

Citrus fruits may have been scarce in nineteenth century Norway but this recipe has evolved to reflect the changing realities. You may add almost any kind of fruit or berry that you have available, including apricots, cherries, pears, and so on. If the fruits are sweet, you may need to cut down on the sugar or eliminate it altogether. Be sure to remove the cinnamon stick before serving.

Fruit soup is traditionally eaten cold but it’s also good warm, garnished with an orange slice or topped with a dollop of cream or ice cream.

My recent attempt at sweet soup didnt taste very good. Don’t make these mistakes! I added cranberries to the mix, which were pretty and pretty sour. And oh by the way… I didnt use real frozen grape juice.

Norwegian fruktsuppe

Norwegian fruktsuppe