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Swedish after all

February 19, 2014

I just joined an online group called My Swedish Roots.  In the back of my mind, I thought I had more familiarity with Norwegian cuisine.  Mainly because there is more “Norwegian” in my Minnesotan background and I don’t recall my mother making anything particularly Swedish.  However, when I looked into the recipe section, many images came to mind.  I do know quite a lot, after all.  Swedish meatballs are always served at the lutefisk suppers (and the Swedes call it lutfisk).  Sandbakkels are Swedish, as are Lucia buns, limpa rye bread, hardtack.  Rice pudding and various berry puddings.  Many of these belong to the common Scandinavian heritage.  Those weird cookies made from baker’s ammonia.  Good old Swedish glogg.  Brown beans, soup made from yellow split peas.  Heart shaped waffles.  Swedish pancakes (very crepe-like).  Oh yes, caviar.   I think the word smorgasbord is Swedish.  I guess I do know quite a bit 🙂Image