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Garden Dreams

February 20, 2011

I was reading the local Master Gardener’s column yesterday. He was saying it’s the time of year for avid gardeners to cozy up to a stack of seeds catalogs and pick out the new varieties they went to try. I’ve done just that and have picked out a few things, at least in my head. I’m not a big carrot raiser but the new multicolor blend looks attractive. Never knew carrots came in white, yellow, orange, red and purple. Last year I planted herbs in pots. The article mentioned planting several varieties of basil, and the enjoyment of eating basil salads. I would like to ask, does the entire salad consist of basil? That would be quite a treat. I’ve looked at fruit trees: butternut, a northern apple, a sweet cherry. For decoration, the primrose lilac. And to grow indoors, mini trees in pots: pineapple, figs, olives, key limes, coffee. I have also spied in a Jung’s catalog the show lady slipper. New methods of propagation have brought this rare MN orchid into the market but at $30 per plant I’ll wait until the price goes down.