As Rhubarb Season Closes…

I cut rhubarb for a friend but she forgot it here.  The rhubarb in the patch has gotten too mature, and my friend headed off for Colombia. So I decided to make rhubarb muffins with the stalks that were left behind.  Everything went wrong.

The only muffin tins I could find were the ones that stick.  Change of plan.  I opted to pour the batter into an oiled pie plate.  Preparation set me back a few minutes.  Then I discovered I was out of sugar.  Not to worry.  I found two tiny honey containers, each with a few drops remaining.  And a half of a third cup of sugar at the bottom of the canister.  So I got by.  I like to add a fourth cup of peanut flour which I make in a grinder.  It adds sweetness.  I couldn’t find the peanuts even though I practically stood on my head in front of the cupboard.  That meant I had to opt for sesame seeds.  Which add healthy 🙂

Visually, the bread turned out beautifully.  And nutritious.  Think of all that lycopene!  However, it was bland and tart at the same time.  Half was eaten.  Maybe my dog Poika would like a slice.

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